For appointments or directions, please call our friendly receptionists at 432-640-2929 or click our Contact page.

To inquire about insurance accepted, call our office or review the insurance accepted list at the bottom of this page.

Office Hours

Call our friendly staff to make an appointment during the hours below:

Monday8:00 am to 5:00 pm 
Tuesday8:00 am to 5:00 pm 
Wednesday8:00 am to 5:00 pm 
Thursday8:00 am to 5:00 pm 
Friday8:00 am to 4:00 pm 
What do I Bring?

Bring both primary and secondary insurance cards and your medication coverage card. Also bring all your medication bottles. If you check blood pressure or blood sugar at home, bring in those lists. It is NOT advised to skip your blood pressure medication the day of the appointment.

The registration forms only need to be filled out once for new patients. You can pick up a copy of the new patient registration forms, or you can print them out by clicking the links below:

Privacy Practices

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996 requires that we make available to you our privacy practices. You can view or pick up a copy at our clinic, or download the document in PDF form by clicking the links below.

Download Useful Logs

Below are useful logs in PDF form that you can click on for download. It is very important to bring in blood sugar readings and blood pressure readings if you have diabetes or high blood pressure.

Laboratory Studies

We are now using Clinical Pathology Laboratory (CPL) at 415 N. Jackson (4th and Jackson) for most blood draws. We have switched to CPL due to 1) Fast Service and 2) Fast Results, and 3) reports go straight from their server to our server electronically saving paper and trees, 4) Increased safety as we don’t have problems with receiving reports.

Most laboratory tests need to be drawn in the morning in a fasting state, although INR’s for example do NOT need to be drawn while fasting. Feel free to drink plenty of plain water when labs will be drawn. It is NOT advised to skip blood pressure medications.

If you used CPL to obtain your labs, digital lab results are available on My Healthcare Portal.

Laboratory Results

We prefer to draw blood prior to your appointment so we can discuss them at the time of the appointment. Otherwise, we will discuss test results with you at the time of the next scheduled office visit. If any tests require more immediate intervention such as a change in medications or further testing we may contact you earlier. Feel free to ask us for a copy of your lab report by stopping by the office and asking one of our friendly employees for a report.

You can obtain a copy of your lab results from CPL by logging on to My Healthcare Portal. Please contact our office for a username and password.

Cash Lab Discount Program – for Patients Without Insurance

Labs can be very expensive for patients without insurance. Therefore, we have acquired a contract with a local lab for qualifying patients. The savings is passed on to the patient as a charitable service. Most lab tests are less than $10 and many tests are less than $7! Come by the office for a list of prices.

We will lose money on the labs due to processing costs. Therefore, the Cash Lab Discount program is ONLY for qualifying patients. To qualify, the patient must be a current established patient. A provider from OUR office must order the labs. The patient must be uninsured. And finally, the labs must be paid in full prior to collecting the specimen. We will provide an itemized report prior to collecting the payment. Due to the expense of processing labs, the office has the right to refuse the Cash Lab Discount to any person. Lab draws are by appointment for qualifying patients.

Prescription Refills

At the time of each office visit please inform office personnel of any refills you require. Be sure and bring ALL prescription bottles, not a list, to the office appointment. We prefer to fill all meds at the time of the appointment to save time for the patient, the office, and the pharmacies. This also DRAMATICALLY reduces errors or miscommunications.

If we refill a medication and the pharmacy fills it before you need it, or before it is due, you do NOT have to pick it up in MOST cases. Just ask the pharmacy to keep the order on file and the order will be valid for one year, in most cases. We have found that some pharmacies prepare medications orders without checking to see if the medication is due to refill.


Your portion of the payment is requested at the time of service. Master Card and Visa are accepted. If you have medical insurance of any type (medicare, medicaid or private insurance) bring the card to us so we can make a copy. If you change insurance companies bring your new card to us please. If you become eligible for medicare and get a new card be sure to bring your card to us.

Insurances Accepted
(not all are listed, varies by provider, please call for more information)*
  • Medicare
  • (most) Medicare advantage plans
  • Blue Cross
  • Aetna
  • United Healthcare
  • Ector County Employee Health Plan Group Resources, Inc.
  • Ector County Hospital District (MCH Employee Health Plan)
  • FirstCare (HMO)
  • First Health
  • Omni Networks, Inc.
  • HealthSmart Preferred Care
  • Texas True Choice
  • Humana Medicare Advantage
  • Provider Select Inc.
  • TriCare
  • Pacificare
  • USA Managed Care PPO
  • Galaxy Health Network PPO
  • Integrated Health Plan (IHP)
  • PHCS (Private Healthcare Systems)
  • IMS (Independent Medical Systems)
  • HealthSmart ACCEL
  • Humana ChoiceCare
  • CapStar Health Systems, Inc.

*Darrell Parsons, M.D. reserves the right to refuse service to any individual regardless of insurance. Please contact the office for more information.